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Theoretical and Clinical Curriculum

///Theoretical and Clinical Curriculum
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PCC’S Core curriculum provides a thorough grounding in the foundations of psychoanalytic thought. Over the course of PCC’s four years of didactic course work, Candidates become well- versed in theory and technique, as well as in their clinical application.


PCC’s Theoretical and Clinical Curriculum includes but is not limited to 1:

  • A year-long systematic study of the major writings of Sigmund Freud (1895-1939)
  • A year-long course in the Tavistock model of Infant Observation
  • A year-long study of the works of Melanie Klein (1921-1963) and contemporary Kleinians
  • An 18-week course on the key concepts and contributions of Wilfred Bion (1943-1980)
  • A 24-week study of major issues in and application of Psychoanalytic Technique
  • Studies in American Psychoanalysis, Trauma and Narcissism, Perversions, and Psychosis
  • Two years of Clinical Case Conference with PCC Training Analysts

(1) Additional curriculum information is included in the Course Outline and Course Descriptions.


PCC’S Core curriculum is structured as follows 2:

  • Four years of classes on a trimester system
  • Three twelve week trimesters per year
  • Two Courses per trimester
  • Classes meet on Wednesdays from 8 AM to 12 PM
  • Each Candidate has an Advisor as mentor through the program

(2) Research Track or Child Certification Candidates will complete additional requirements