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Requirements for Graduation

///Requirements for Graduation
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Candidates are eligible for Graduation upon successful completion of all aspects of the Core Program. All requirements of training in the Core Program and the Research Psychoanalysis Program must be completed within 8 years of matriculation.

Training Requirements

Successful completion of training requirements includes:

  • Completion of all courses and case conferences
  • Completion of three supervised Control Cases
  • Completion of Oral Examination
  • Maintaining Post Seminar Status after formal course-work is finished
  • Completion of Final Paper

Oral Examination

The Candidate is required to make an oral presentation of clinical work, after the third year of training and before the Candidate starts a third control case.

The oral examination process consists of:

  • A committee composed of three Senior or Training Analyst level faculty
  • Presentation of a 4 or 5 time a week analytic case
  • Demonstration of the Candidate’s ability to conduct an analysis

Final Paper

The final paper gives Candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of psychoanalytic theory and technique, or to show the application of this understanding to a topic of study. The final paper can be in one of two formats: a Case Study Approach or a Topical Approach with clinical application.

The final paper:

  • Is evaluated by a committee of three PCC Faculty Members
  • Demonstrates qualities inherent in a graduate psychoanalyst