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Supervised Psychoanalysis

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Supervised psychoanalysis, in the form of three required Control Cases, gives Candidates experience conducting psychoanalysis under the supervision of three different Training and Supervising Analysts chosen from PCC Faculty. Varying supervisory points of view support the Candidates’ development of a personal analytic style.


PCC Candidates may begin their first Control Case after completion of two trimesters (8) units of theoretical training, and by making application to the Candidate Progression Committee. Each Control Case must be approved in writing by the Progression Committee, following submission of a descriptive written report.

Requirements for the three Control Cases include:

  • Meeting with a proposed supervisor to discuss the suitability of a case for analysis
  • Conditions of four to five sessions per week, 45-50 minutes in length
  • A minimum of 50 hours of one-hour-per-week supervision
  • Two Cases continue in supervision for two years at one-hour-per-week for the first 50 hours
  • Candidates must complete a minimum of 200 supervisory hours for the three Control Cases
  • One Control Case should be supervised through the Closing Phase of Analysis
  • Candidates must have analysands of each sex
  • Two of the three Control Cases must be adults
  • Third Control Case may be a child or adolescent
  • Candidates are encouraged to treat one primitive patient on a five-times-per-week basis
  • Candidates must be in Personal Psychoanalysis for major part of Control Case Supervision