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New Podcast! Philip Lance interviews Richard Tuch

//New Podcast! Philip Lance interviews Richard Tuch

New Podcast! Philip Lance interviews Richard Tuch

PCC candidate, Philip Lance, is at it again with an engaging interview on the New Books in Psychoanalysis podcast with PCC and NCP member , analyst, and author, Richard Tuch. In the introduction, Lance writes, “In Psychoanalytic Method in Motion: Controversies and Evolution in Clinical Theory and Practice(Routledge, 2017), Tuch covers debates concerning free association, transference interpretations, enactment, empathy, the analysts authority, and the scientific evidence for psychoanalysis. His writing is lucid, accessible to a lay audience, open-minded, and solidly based in the reality of the day-to-day interactions between analysts and patients. While he is unabashedly pluralistic and multi-lingual in terms of psychoanalytic theory, he is not afraid to disclose his biases and personal conclusions about where a contemporary analyst can confidently stand.”

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